Tasting Plates

($7 each or pick three for $18)

Savory Bread Pudding

seasonal vegetables, egg, bread, butter, cheese, fresh herbs


polenta cake, wilted greens, fried egg, lamb ham + tomato zabaglione

Panne Perduto

egg custard-fried bread, powdered sugar + basil maple syrup

Flounder Toast

grilled flounder, mascarpone, cheddar butter, ciabatta, lemon

 “Toady the Hole”

fried egg, bunny-bread toast, lamb ham, red-eye gravy

Pasta al Forno

house-made pasta, mozzarella, besciamella, roast chicken, garlic

Duck + Waffles

duck leg confit hash, vanilla waffle + green tomato jam, duck cracklin

Add a fried egg to any dish for $2
Add bacon to any dish for $3

Yeah, Whatever

(I just want some breakfast or fried chicken)

Basic B – $8

two eggs, ciabatta toast, bacon or ham

Full B – $14

two eggs, tuscan sausage, ciabatta toast, sliced tomato, bacon or ham, polenta

Open-face Steak Sandwich – $18

sirloin tournedeos, grilled focaccia, fried eggs, heirloom tomato, veal demi-glace

Chicken + Pickles – $8

pasture-raised chicken, honey-chive butter, bread & butter pickled vegetables

Steak + Eggs – $15/$33

sirloin or filet mignon medallion, fried eggs, veal demi-glace, grilled focaccia

Waffle(s) – $5 each

vanilla waffle + basil-maple syrup

add seasonal fruit $3 or fried chicken $7

Ham-n-Egger – $9

scrambled egg, boursin cheese, grilled ciabatta, micro herbs

Omelette – $8

the right way: no color, with just a little butter, cheese and chives

Kids Menu

Spaghetti – fresh pasta with butter, marinara or meat sauce – $5

Chicken Tenders – $5

Noodles + Cheese – $4

Drink Specials

“…the oil of conversation…”

Unlimited Cathead Bloody Marys* $9.95

Americano – cathead vodka, tomato juice, worcestershire, horseradish, celery salt, lemon, tabasco

Italiano – cathead vodka, tomato juice, balsamic, oregano, lemon, red-chili flake

Unlimited Mimosas – $7.95* – orange juice, prosecco

Bellinis – $7.50 – prosecco with peach, raspberry or strawberry puree

Tuscan 75 – $9.00 – solerno, prosecco, st. germaine, orange peel

*only available with the purchase of food